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Innova Foster

Project summary

Innova Foster  aims  at  leveraging  startups  (scalable, high-potential  SMEs with less than 5 years of life)  growth  through  their  engagement  into  the  innovation  processes  at local  or regional  level  and  improving  their role as  regional  and  industry  innovation  providers  in  seven  European  regions.

Therefore, the main objective of Innova Foster project is to:

  • identify,
  • share examples, ideas, solution,
  • tailor them to regional and local needs based on strengths,
  • implement action plans,
  • improve  regional policies,
  • serve as documented cases for analysis to other European regions and cities.

Innova Foster will include interregional visits, local stakeholders engagement and joint research into improvement  of regional and local policies and programmes to support the growth of high-potential SMEs to make them ramp-up, growth and get global.

All partners will identify, analyse, exchange knowledge, the best and worst practices about regional  situation of startups and innovation ecosystems and will end up with its own policy-mix on an inward-looking process and benchmarking.

The action plans will be implemented as demonstrators, de-risking the development and scale-up of novel service systems, encouraging engagement with stakeholders and users, sharing experience across Europe and identifying clusters of expertise and opportunities for partnership.


More information at Interreg Europe

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