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Construction of an office building under the working name of Business Incubator

The subject of the project was the creation of the Business Incubator in the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park in Bydgoszcz by constructing an office building with all the necessary infrastructure.

The project concerned activities related to the rental and management of own property. As part of the project, a facility was built for rental purposes for the needs of different users, i.e. companies with any business profile, taking into account different area needs. A six-storey building was built, with basement, with a usable area of ​​7,020.8 m², including space for rent (office) 4,140.3 m².

The basement has a multi-user garage. On the ground floor of the building, a representative and multifunctional reception lobby with an appropriate security system was made, and two conference rooms for more than 50 people each. In addition, a self-service bar location was planned along with kitchen and storage facilities. On the first floor, there are rooms for rent with “small area” – fragmented layout. A minimum of 23 premises was planned with an area from 27.0 m² to 120.0 m². A similar arrangement of rooms was proposed on the second floor – a location of approx. 26 premises for rent with an area from approx. 27.0 m2 to approx. 120.0 m². On the third and fourth floors, there are “open space” rooms for rent. On each floor a common area is provided – a general area consisting of separate communication: a U-shaped staircase, two passenger – goods lifts, a toilet and wash facilities, and a kitchenette.

Building volume: approx. 29,664 m3
Building area: 1,305.07 m2
Maximum building width: 25.66 m
Maximum building length: 50.86 m
Building height: 20.29 m

The establishment of an entrepreneurship incubator is associated with the improvement of quality and access to services related to advanced support for enterprises, including works and equipping with resources and facilities related to services provided by the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park. The implementation of the project has enabled the provision of high-quality and diversified services that facilitate business development and growth. Investment needs result from the Applicant’s business profile, whose task is to take actions for the development and promotion of local entrepreneurship. To this end, it is necessary to create a comprehensive offer for entrepreneurs, covering the widest range of advanced services that facilitate the development of business activities, thus stimulating local entrepreneurship, attracting external investors and creating new jobs.

BPPT leases part of the office space to a strategic partner. The business incubator concept meant that strategic tenants were located on the third and fourth floors of the incubator building. The usable area for renting to the above tenants is about 1944.6 m2, which is about 28% of the total usable area of the incubator.

The location of strategic partners brings significant benefits to BPPT, primarily in the form of stable financing of ongoing incubator operations. This means that strategic tenants are a guarantee of financial liquidity, which is particularly important when charging reduced rates for incubated enterprises. The presence of a strategic tenant contributes to creating an environment friendly to the development of enterprises from the SME sector. In addition to ensuring a steady income for the incubator, the strategic tenant provides support in the development of substantive activity of BEI. The presence of a strategic tenant can also give impetus to development by attracting other strategic tenants to the BEI, as well as by encouraging business entities with a profile supplementing the strategic tenant’s activity to start using the incubator’s services. Clustering of companies operating in the same or similar industry will facilitate initiating cooperation between the incubator and enterprises from the SME sector.

It should be emphasized that the presence of strategic tenants in the business incubator raises the profile of the BPPT brand. In addition, strategic tenants are a guarantee of high quality services, and thus constitute a kind of magnet attracting innovative enterprises. The presence of such a tenant undoubtedly affects the development of competitiveness of other enterprises, and thus, the start of cooperation and the establishment of first business contacts.

The project’s promotional campaign took place in the period from Q3 2014 to Q3 2015.

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